Truer words have never been spoken

While I was changing his diaper this morning, my 2-year-old son grabbed himself, giggled, and with a sly grin said “penis tickle.” Leave it to a toddler to succinctly explain the male experience. - Greg Windows Live Tags: Logan, Humor, Guy Stuff Share

Hoo are you?

Over the past week, we've added yet another mural component to Logan's classic Pooh-themed nursery. This time around, it's Owl's tree, complete with Owl himself:   Owl's Tree   This was certainly the biggest art project thus far; the tree stretches from floor to ceiling, wraps around the corner behind the rocking chair, and is …

Wall to wall

Mornin',   As you may know, the Edwards family recently moved from a townhouse into a place of our own, so Logan's nursery murals at the old place had to come down.   Ginny and I really liked the Winnie the Pooh theme we had used in his old nursery, so we decided to carry it …

Sweet monkey fritters!

I don't mean to brag, but I have one flippin' cute baby. Either Logan is really happy...or he has gas. I'm not entirely sure which.     Check out the other new baby pics in Logan's album. All for now.   - Greg

Everything is gonna be alright

I look at you Warm in your dream While your mobile dances above And I think to myself It's a beautiful night And I know everything is gonna be alright Yes, now I know it'll be alright   - Joshua Radin

Online registration

Since some of you have asked, Ginny and I are registered for baby items at Target and Babies 'Я' Us.   I was disappointed to discover that neither CompUSA nor BestBuy currently offer baby registries.   - Greg

Version 2.0 announced!

Although Windows Vista and Office have received most of the media buzz lately, they're not the only products under development at Microsoft labs. Earlier this month, the software giant confirmed plans to upgrade their popular "Greg" product.   Citing numerous complaints from end-users and increasing support costs, Microsoft engineers recently announced plans to replace the …