Piling On

I've been practicing (and advocating) a "piling" (as opposed to a "filing") approach to email for years. It works incredibly well for me, and I suspect that it would work well for most people, if they could let go of their arcane and labyrinthine folder structures and just try it.

Agent of Chaos

There's a scene in The Dark Knight, where Bruce Wayne is talking with Alfred Pennyworth, his butler and trusted advisor, about the escalation of organized crime and the emergence of the Joker. Always one to dole out wisdom through harsh truths ("Why do we fall, Master Bruce?"), Alfred responds that through his alter ego, Batman, Bruce is to blame for the chaos that has engulfed Gotham City.

Bring Bing to Your Desktop

Bing Wallpaper App

With the world going online, there's a lot more interest lately in tweaking our digital backgrounds. Whether it's your PC desktop, your phone's home screen, your online meeting virtual background, or even your TV's dashboard, we're suddenly very aware of the images at which we're staring for hours each day.

The Road Ahead

If you're a long-time follower of this site, then you know it's like that flower that blooms only once every seven years. Yes, that's the flower that also smells like a rotting human corpse, but we're getting lost in the metaphor. The point is, it's time for a rebirth. Both for me professionally and for this site.