Wall to wall

As you may know, the Edwards family recently moved from a townhouse into a place of our own, so Logan’s nursery murals at the old place had to come down.
Ginny and I really liked the Winnie the Pooh theme we had used in his old nursery, so we decided to carry it over to his new room. Over the past few weekends, I’ve been working diligently to come up with some new scenes that would compliment the space.
I thought I’d take a second to showcase the result.



This one is over Logan’s crib. In this scene, Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger are relaxing (perhaps after a big meal) and looking up at a starry night sky. I actually painted the stars with a glow-in-the-dark glaze, so they (sort of) sparkle when the room is dark.

Picking Flowers

Picking Flowers

Here we see a composite of a couple of source images over Logan’s dresser. Piglet has picked a bunch of colorful flowers for his friend Pooh, while Eeyore looks bashfully at a nearby butterfly.

Kanga and Roo

Kanga and Roo

This is the most recent addition, which is near floor level by his closet. I think it’s my favorite; I just love the way Kanga holds her joey as he sleeps.
If you want to see full-size images and some of the old nursery too, they’re in the Nursery album in my Gallery. Enjoy!
– Greg

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