Truer words have never been spoken

While I was changing his diaper this morning, my 2-year-old son grabbed himself, giggled, and with a sly grin said “penis tickle.”

Leave it to a toddler to succinctly explain the male experience.

– Greg

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4 Replies to “Truer words have never been spoken”

  1. Hey, gotta start publishing now to make sure the really embarrassing stuff is well-established on Google by the time he starts dating.


  2. Greg, I have 3 boys (and a girl, the youngest age 26) the eldest boy about your age – there is NOTHING you can say here that I haven’t had the pleasure of being through! and each time I got peed on, it was still a pleasure, albeit a slightly icky pleasure!And yes treasure these moments – so you can tell his girlfriend, when he’s 18!!! LOLThat is really lovely and made me smile!


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