Hoo are you?

Over the past week, we’ve added yet another mural component to Logan’s classic Pooh-themed nursery. This time around, it’s Owl’s tree, complete with Owl himself:
Owl's Tree

Owl’s Tree

This was certainly the biggest art project thus far; the tree stretches from floor to ceiling, wraps around the corner behind the rocking chair, and is about 6′ across at it’s widest point. Ginny and I definitely had some artistic differences about the style and size of the subject, but overall, I’m satisfied with how it turned out. Funny thing about painting tree leaves: since they can really be any shape, you have a tendancy to keep painting, until they’ve entirely overwhelmed the space.
As usual, Logan seems completely non-plussed about the addition, although he did point at Owl yesterday and proclaim, "CAT!" (every animal is a cat these days). I hope he’s not traumatized by a giant predatory bird watching him sleep. We’re going to have a hard time convincing him that drawing on the walls is a "no-no."
– Greg

One Reply to “Hoo are you?”

  1. Fascinating to comb through these. Looks like the updates for these pages never got through to anyone.Lovely picture. So, now, I find you’re an artist! Well done.Cat! Hahahahaha:-)


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