Thanks for the warning

I just received the latest SIB (service information bulletin) e-mail message from my corporate helpdesk. We get these messages anytime there’s a planned upgrade, planned (or unplanned) outage, or any number of other technology-related shenanigans. In typical IT fashion, they’re usually heavy on the “geek speak” and short on information that’s actually useful to the average end-user; most recipients just delete them outright without even bothering to read them. This one, however, made me chuckle (contact info omitted):

Event: Microsoft Active Directory Schema Extension.

Time / Duration: We will be extending the Microsoft Schema at 8:00 pm EST, Saturday January 31, 2009. These updates will be transparent to all TH employees and systems and will not require any user action.

Who is affected: No impact.

Who to Contact: If you have any questions or concerns,  please contact the HelpDesk at xxx in Notes, or by telephone at xxx.

So, it’s completely transparent, and there’s absolutely no impact to end-users. What they’re essentially saying is, “we just wanted to let you know that while you’re at home enjoying your weekend, we’ll be here working on Saturday night.”

At least I can rest assured that when I return to the office on Monday, my AD schema will be suitably extended. Thanks, guys.

– Greg

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6 Replies to “Thanks for the warning”

  1. ha ahh the IT department. I used to get these sorts of message from the IT staff at my old school. People would just delete them because it was all geek speek.


  2. They didn’t even attempt to answer the basic end-user questions, including "what in the hell is an Microsoft Active Directory schema?" and "why should I care?" (please don’t submit explanations of AD or schemas, I know how it all works, thanks). Then again, I’m an instructor, so I’d probably write an equally terrible SIB with far too many details.


  3. Hey, can I have your autograph? I saw the post on Marcus’s page and went over to the community clubhouse. Contratulations! I joined that when it first started, but I never worked too hard to find out what the deal was about it. From what they were saying, it seems like it would be right up my alley. I like to write stuff to help people out.Let me know, huh?Thanks!X


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