Plot in a bottle

Nicolas Sparks (not me) Here’s the plot, in a nutshell, of every Nicholas Sparks book I’ve ever read:

A lonely, disabled, or otherwise misunderstood (but generally maudlin) character finds an kindred spirit by some miracle of chance, and against all odds they fall in love and get to enjoy a fleeting moment of happiness together, until something terrible and unexpected happens to one of them, leaving the other to gaze wistfully and warmly remember the time they shared, usually somewhere in the vicinity of the Outer Banks.

There. I just saved you $19.95 and several hours of your life. No need to thank me.

– Greg

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4 Replies to “Plot in a bottle”

  1. The thing is I actually like Sparks and have read many of his novels and seen as many of the movie adaptations. The whole "recycled plot" angle never occurred to me intially. Maybe his dreamy-eyed stare on the inside flap of the dust jacket entranced me.


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