25 random things about me

The rules. You are supposed to write 25 random things, trivia, habits, or goals about yourself. There’s no set of questions or requirements about what you choose to share. I’d recommend writing a blog post on your public or network-accessible space titled “25 Random Things about Me,” so it’s easy to find and people in your network can comment. When you publish the post, then you can choose people in your network to notify with a link to the post or just let the “What’s New” feed do all the heavy lifting. Be sure to include these rules at the top of your post to keep it rolling.

Here’s my list:

  1. I love to be the center of attention.
  2. I’m a huge procrastinator. For instance, I actually meant to post this last week.
  3. I can’t stand people who are jealous or complain all the time.
  4. My son, Logan, is the one person in the whole world who can always cheer me up, no matter what else is wrong.
  5. The time 12:34 freaks me out every time I see it, and it seems like I notice it everywhere.
  6. I love it when things match.
  7. My wife, Ginny, is a great partner and friend, and I don’t tell her often enough how much I appreciate her.
  8. I’m a rational agnostic, but I’m also an optimist. Go figure.
  9. I’m self-conscious about my weight, my teeth, and my hair.
  10. I don’t read as much or as often as I should.
  11. East Tennessee is beautiful, but I’d also like to live somewhere in New England, the Rocky Mountains, or the Pacific Northwest.
  12. Ginny and I dated only 3 months, were engaged 4 months, and have now been married for 3½ years.
  13. I cry every time I watch the basketball scene in Father of the Bride.
  14. I “wing it” far more frequently than I admit.
  15. When they disagree, I tend to side with my mom, but I actually think my dad is right most of the time.
  16. I love to draw and paint, and I think I’m pretty good at it.
  17. I have a hard time admitting when I’m wrong, especially to Ginny.
  18. I’m afraid of things that are detached and artificial but vaguely human, such as clowns, statues, and emergency broadcast system tests.
  19. I love to sing, but I wish I was better at it, and I’d love to learn to play guitar.
  20. I don’t drink alcohol very often. I’m not morally opposed to it or anything, but I just don’t think about it (rather like exercise). When I do have a drink, I prefer dark, imported beers and red wines.
  21. I don’t have many close friends; I’ve lost touch with many old friends over the years, and I regret that.
  22. I’m better at expressing my true feelings and opinions in writing than in person.
  23. I’m obsessive-compulsive about little insignificant things, but completely oblivious about really big things. I think it’s a coping mechanism.
  24. I’ve been married once before.
  25. I’m left-handed.

– Greg

7 Replies to “25 random things about me”

  1. Very interesting list. I’d have to work very hard to find 25 interesting things about me.Xhttp://X-Evolutionist.spaces.live.com/http://hackmsnspaces.groups.live.com/http://Stump-the-Creationist.groups.live.com/


  2. Wow..great idea. I also enjoy talking about myself and getting to hear stories from others. Let’s go! :). I will put up my own list now.


  3. I’m always a bit concerned when I look at a digital clock and it says 11:11 luckily it doesn’t happen that often! My daughter is left handed too and I read somewhere that it’s not so common for men to be left handed (or maybe it’s the other way round!)


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