Sky blue and black

Unfortunately, the Jackson Browne concert wasn’t a reality for me this time around. Sad
So in lieu of a concert report, I decided to post an excerpt from an interview with Browne about one of his most beloved songs, Sky Blue and Black. I’ve posted a copy of the acoustic version (my favorite) here. After listening to it, you should immediately rush out and purchase a copy of Solo Acoustic Volume 2.
The song was originally released on Browne’s 1993 album, I’m Alive. Many people may recognize its refrain, which was featured on the pilot of the comedy series Friends. I’ve also discovered that alot of people associate it with the 9/11 attacks (for the references to love, loss, and the colors of the sky on that fateful day). For me, it’s a reminder of times past, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.
Of his song, Browne said:
The most important thing about that song to me is the expression of love, after it’s all over and after this relationship is irretrievebly lost. And it is from the beginning of the song, just by saying, "I hear the sounds of a world where we played, and the far too simple beauty of the promises that we made." It’s doomed from that moment, you know it’s over.
And you look back on it, and it’s a way of trying to retrieve the love that you felt and keep it. It’s a person still trying to keep a world that he experienced and that is gone, and it’s not a bad thing to do. In the same way that when you go to a funeral and your rememberances of the person who’s deceased and in the way that everybody looks at each other and says, "We’ll never forget this person. For whatever faults, these were his incredible qualities, and he lives on in all of us." That song is a funeral. It’s saying, "You’re all of these things that I carry with me, and I’ll never stop looking for you in these other places and in the other relationships I’ll have."
It’s the most complete expression of love I could find in myself, and it’s the more complete answer to that thing that happens at the beginning of the song about "I’m free." You can’t ever have it so that it didn’t happen, it wasn’t there, you weren’t there. It’s part forgiveness, and part decision to go on loving, because loving is better than hating.
I think that’s an incredibly important and powerful message.
– Greg

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