Yes, we did

Congratulations, President-elect Barack Obama.
– Greg

One Reply to “Yes, we did”

  1. One of the more interesting things to me in this past election is how
    clearly it illuminated the polar separation of politics in America;
    everyone is either Liberal or Conservative. True, these same notes are
    hammered in every recent election it seems, especially in 2004, but the
    racial and gender components of this election took traditional personal
    attacks into the realm of race/gender discrimination, so both parties had to resort to trumpeting the worst in the rival party instead.To be honest, I hate elections. If I had to hear another week of Obama’s "4 more years of George Bush" or McCain’s "Maverick" and "Joe the Plumber" I might have ran myself over with the push mower. In the end, the sound bites didn’t matter; McCain was crushed by Obama’s brilliant political strategy. I read somewhere that Obama outspent McCain nearly 3-to-1 and reached a full 15% more of the voter base directly. It might not have mattered if those figures belonged to McCain; Obama appealled to the greater American spirit with a youthful energy McCain seemed inept to even detect until too late, much less effectively counter.As a moderate Libertarian, I really didn’t care for either candidate. They both pitched policy I disagree with. But Obama’s acceptance speech stirred something in me I haven’t felt for some time. The man can deliver a speech! My gut with him is he will either be the next great American President, or the next worst President.I wish our new President luck.


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