“News” talk WNOX

Here’s an email that I just sent to the management of FM100 WNOX:
I am disappointed with the recent ad for tonight’s VP debate. The sound bites you have selected to represent each candidate seem clearly designed to favor Sarah Palin. First, Palin’s quote that she’s been "listening to his speeches since the second grade" seems to attack Biden’s age. Biden’s followup quote that "she is qualified to be VP, and might have been a better pick than me" is taken completely out of context. In the quote, he was referring to Hillary Clinton, but the ad leads the listener to think it may be directed at Palin.
You should be ashamed of that ad.
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, given your station’s obviously right-wing leanings, but I am disappointed. You have Rush, Hannity, and Levin on for over 8 hours every weekday. Where are the progressive shows? A one-hour show on Sunday doesn’t make your station "fair and balanced."
– Greg

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