It’s com-crap-tastic!

Today is the day the Internet died. Effective today, Comcast starts metering broadband access. If you’re a Comcast High-speed Internet subscriber, then expect your traffic to be capped at 250GB per month. True, that’s a sizeable limit, but consider how much bandwidth is used by HD video. Who knows what we’ll be downloading in the future?
Subscribers to services like Xbox Live, Blockbuster Online and Netflix are going to shit an actual, life-size brick when they start maxing out their traffic halfway through the month and can’t even check their e-mail. Don’t even get me started on BitTorrent.
It’s not often that a company gives loyal customers less service for the exact same price as before.
Shame on Comcast for limiting broadband traffic. If I wanted to pay by the byte, I’d time-travel back to 1994 and subscribe to AOL again. As soon as I can switch to another cable provider (Knology, where are you?), you better believe I’m going to jump.
– Greg

9 Replies to “It’s com-crap-tastic!”

  1. Sheesh! I was using the MSN chat boards this time last year, and you should have seen the thread on UK internet broadband speeds. (Lack of, is what it all boils down to)! Very slight improvement a few months ago.


  2. Greg, you’re very glad you don’t live over ‘ere! 250 Gig? You’re rich beyond compare. We can get about between 20-40 per month if we pay through the nose. (250 Gig. Whatever next? Be telling me you’re gonna get a free hard drive next!)


  3. I get unlimited, usage including free phone calls, for about £15 per month, Jen. Ok speed (3.6) aren’t great but that’ll change when they update the exchange.


  4. Greg,I can’t believe Com-crap is capping you bandwidth at 250Gb! That sucks. I have Cablevision for my TV, Broadband and phone and so far there have been no threats of that sort of reduced service. They prefer to increase monthly fees (which they have been doing every year like clockwork). I use to sync files between all my computers, I watch and all the time, to the point that I rarely watch TV at all so if Cablevision makes the same move as Com-crap I will be up the proverbial creak! Ugh now I’m upset.


  5. Wow, 250Gigs, that sounds like heaven to me. Down here in South Africa I part with $150/month for 9GB that trickles down at a paltry 512kbps. Ehh, please stop laughing, it’s not a joke.


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