Film at 11

Good day, fellow "space" cadets.   Some people are born famous, some have fame thrust upon them, and some just live next door to white trash with unruly pets. Apparently, I'm in that third tier.   As reported by WATE 6, the pit bull/mastiff mix owned by my neighbors got loose yesterday and attacked a little …


As I was enjoying a hearty bowl of Quaker® Instant Oatmeal this morning, I noticed the package advertises that, among their many benefits, eating said oats is a "healthy way to remove cholesterol." That got me thinking...what are the unhealthly ways of removing cholesterol?   Some possibilities include:   Smoking crack cocaine Having unprotected sex with …


My friend, Lyschel, forgot to use her ½-off Moe's Southwest Grill coupon at lunch today.   I laughed at her, and promised I'd make mention of it in my blog. So there.   If you see her, be sure to give her a hard time about it.     - Greg

Everything is gonna be alright

I look at you Warm in your dream While your mobile dances above And I think to myself It's a beautiful night And I know everything is gonna be alright Yes, now I know it'll be alright   - Joshua Radin

A million monkeys

Someone once mused that if you gave a million monkeys a million typewriters, etc., that one of them would eventually bang out the complete works of Shakespeare. Who knew we'd be the monkeys, and the typewriters would be keyboards connected to the Internet?   You know, in the span of a few short millennia, we've …