Eat your heart out, Webster

Knog (v): To blog about people, places, and events related to Knoxville, TN.   I'm a knogger. Certainly not the best, but the first to call himself such. Kinda catchy, don't you think?   - Greg

Wall to wall

Mornin',   As you may know, the Edwards family recently moved from a townhouse into a place of our own, so Logan's nursery murals at the old place had to come down.   Ginny and I really liked the Winnie the Pooh theme we had used in his old nursery, so we decided to carry it …

Notes blows goats

Here's a rant I recently posted on a Notes enthusiasts' blog: I'm a corporate trainer. As an email/calendar/contacts client (and I've used quite a few), I have to say that Lotus Notes is among the worst. And that's counting GroupWise.   I'm sure it's an amazing database application, but most folks just want a standardized, …

Happy like-new year

Hey all,   It's 2008! Among my many other resolutions, this year I'm going to write a blog entry every single day. As you can see, I've already missed the first day of the year. Well, there goes that one.   - Greg

Merry Christmahannukwanzakah!

Merry Christmas, everyone. Or if you don't subscribe to such things, then happy Tuesday.       Here is video of Charlie Brown Christmas as performed by the cast of Scrubs. Because I like both. Enjoy.   - Greg

Sweet monkey fritters!

I don't mean to brag, but I have one flippin' cute baby. Either Logan is really happy...or he has gas. I'm not entirely sure which.     Check out the other new baby pics in Logan's album. All for now.   - Greg

Heeeeeeere’s reruns!

I was channel surfing last night, and happened upon the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Since I wasn't in the mood to be challenged neither by intelligent humor or conversation (Leno's interviewing skills are the worst), I decided to stick around a watch a couple o' minutes. Headlines, at the very least, are always fun …