Portmanteau o’ the day

Blackhole (n): A BlackBerry™ user who acts like a complete asshole by incessantly fiddling with his or her device at inopportune moments, including meetings, seminars, weddings, funerals, and intimate relations. Blackholes are characterized by near-sightedness, sensitivity to vibration, callused thumbs, and a complete disregard for people around them. See also, CrackBerry addict.

This word may be part of the modern vernacular already, but I’ve never heard it, so I’m laying my claim. Feel free to incorporate it into your vocabulary as your own.

I had the displeasure of observing a pair of blackholes in the wild during a seminar that I attended yesterday. They could scarcely put down their beloved BlackBerries long enough to pay attention to an hour-long presentation. At one point, they actually held their BlackBerries up to each other to compare incoming messages and shared a chuckle.

BlackBerries weren’t mainstream when I taught on a daily basis. Before I start to sound like a complete curmudgeon, let me say that I’m all for technology and taking meeting notes on a laptop or PDA, but these guys push the boundaries of good taste. Can’t you keep it in your pants for an hour?

– Greg

11 Replies to “Portmanteau o’ the day”

  1. "Can’t you keep it in your pants for an hour?"…. Ah, haven’t we all thought that about some men we’ve known with a "one track mind"? :)


  2. OOh, I do like new words and phrases. Thats a goodie.I recently came across a lovely Japanese one – Barcode baldie – a man with a greasy combover


  3. Yeah, I saw a picture recently of some juy from the President’ auto Task Force shaking hands with some Detroit Exec while staring down the whole time at his Blackberry. With such people and multitasking skills no wonder Detroit is going down a black hole.


  4. Good one. When I workshop I emphasize they are kept in pants, bags, gunny sacks. Strange, strange inability to connect with actual people in a people setting. So coined terms quite suits in some respects. You do something with your hair? Looks good.


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