Greg is now compatible with your iPod Zune

Podcast with Greg I recently had the honor of participating with Microsoft’s own Marcus in my first-ever podcast. For those of you who don’t know Marcus, he’s the community manager for Windows Live, and he keeps all of us WL enthusiasts connected and sharing our experiences, ideas, and occasional gripes surrounding the burgeoning social networking platform.

In addition to his regular blog, Marcus hosts a podcast series (WMA and MP3 RSS feeds available), and he occasionally chooses to spotlight a member of the Windows Live community. I’ve been pretty active in Windows Live, especially since the wave 3 roll-out, and I was thrilled when he invited me to share my thoughts with him and his listeners.

We spoke about my family and work, my interest in technology and Windows Live, how I like to keep in touch with my network of friends, and some of my other pastimes. If you have a few minutes, perhaps you’d like to give it a listen. The podcast is available in both WMA and MP3 format, courtesy of Marcus’ SkyDrive.

Thanks again, Marcus, for the invitation and for making Windows Live a better community for all of us to share.

– Greg

6 Replies to “Greg is now compatible with your iPod Zune”

  1. Yep, the audio file is just an MP3 or WMA, either of which will play in Windows Media Player on your PC, as well as just about any portable music player. "Podcast" is just the popular term, because so many people have iPods these days (not me – I just my Windows Mobile Smartphone as a portable media player). Click one of the links above and have a listen!


  2. Oops – it ain’t workin’…tried ’em both. Bung me a link if you can. Your page takes me to Marcus SD where both files are, clicked ’em both and nothing happens. Next!


  3. Dunno what the problem might be. If you click the links on Marcus’ SD page (either the Download link or the big icon on the page), it should download the file and open it in your preferred media player (such as Windows Media Player). Did you get an error message of any kind?


  4. Nope. The page just blanked out (white space); at the bottom, it said "Done" as any web requested page does, and went no further! I clicked the file, well, both of ’em, one after the other – no joy, then asked for a download, again each item. And you know what happened. Nuffin’!


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