Everything is amazing, nobody is happy

Short one today, cause I have lots to do. Here’s a clip of the always hilarious Louis CK chatting last fall with Conan O’Brien, and it pretty much summarizes my attitude toward chronic complainers. Enjoy the rant.

Whew, that feels better. It should give us all some much needed perspective for the day.

– Greg

3 Replies to “Everything is amazing, nobody is happy”

  1. Thanks, I was originally going to post it as a discussion in one of my Windows Live Groups (and direct it at all of the ingrates who whine about free services, such as Windows Live), but I thought that might be a little harsh. However, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this gem, so here it is. BTW, if you like Louis CK, check out some of his other clips elsewhere on the web (warning: some of his other stuff is a bit risqué, but always hilarious).


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