Please excuse the mess

I’m in the process of cleaning up my Microsoft SkyDrive, which previously hosted some of the images used in various blog posts that migrated over here from Spaces. Some of the images and links may appear broken, until I can get them updated. Although it’s hard to see based on the near-abandoned state of my blog, I do take my curator duties very seriously. Updates will be forthcoming in the new year!

2 Replies to “Please excuse the mess”

  1. I know, I know. It’s on my to-do list (which, BTW syncs nicely with my Windows Phone 7 device). Here’s my struggle: I typically share my daily witticisms and goofball links out to the world (well, my little corner of it) via a blend of Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter status updates. Throw in a little G+, which I’m trying my best not to ignore (but it would help if some people I actually know were using it, kinda like another struggling social network that shall not be named here).

    All in all, posting a status update is a lot more convenient than writing a lengthy blog post every day, especially as I’ve moved toward using my mobile device. I know that WP has a mobile app, but you know how hard it is to bang out a couple of paragraphs using a mobile keyboard?! Besides if I blog here, it could sit gathering dust for a couple of months before anyone notices, whereas my Facebook and Twitter stuff usually gets noticed by friends and family right away. And after all, that’s primarily who I’m targeting.

    I actually tried using a SkyDrive fiolder as a blog for awhile (check it out here). Aside from some awkward commenting workflows, it actually worked pretty well. Using Word or the Word Web App to author a post was relatively easy, and the Office Hub integration on my WP7 device allowed me to blog on the go. Since SkyDrive no longer shares updates to Messenger social and points beyond, it feels like a bit too much work for short updates.

    So, if I start “classic” blogging again here, what would you most like to read about? There’s not much going on in Windows Live and WP7 these days that Kip & Co. hasn’t already thoroughly covered. Maybe I’ll have a lot to say about the forthcoming Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Other than that, my personal life is pretty boring. 🙂


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