Round robin

Tweet, tweet!If you’re a Windows Live enthusiast, then you’ve no doubt discovered that Twitter has recently been removed as a web activity partner. In my recent tip, Surviving the Twitpocalypse, I described how you can effectively restore the ability to include your tweets in your Windows Live activity stream and keep these friends in the loop using RSS.

In this post, I’ll show you how to go one step further by updating your Twitter status automatically from Windows Live and vice versa, albeit with a little help from another connected Web service acting as an intermediary. The secret ingredient in the formula is actually MySpace, which has the ability to receive your Windows Live status updates and the ability to synchronize with your Twitter status. Best of all, it works two ways: when you update your Twitter status, your tweets flow back through MySpace to your Windows Live activity stream.

Assuming you have a MySpace account, you first need to connect it to Windows Live as a web service.

  1. Go to your profile, and click Connect.
  2. On Your Services page, click MySpace. Be sure to allow Windows Live to update your MySpace status, and finish connecting the services.

Next, you’ll configure your MySpace account to push status updates to Twitter.

  1. Log into MySpace, and click My Account.
  2. On the My Account page, click Sync.
  3. Under the Sync to Other Services (Beta) section, locate Twitter and click Get Synced.
  4. Provide your Twitter credentials, and click Allow.
  5. To enable MySpace to update your Twitter status, click Post my status updates to Twitter and Update my status from Twitter, and click Confirm.

Whew, crisis averted.

– Greg

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5 Replies to “Round robin”

  1. Cripes! Greg’s written a blog post! Wonders never cease! See, you can’t say all you want to say by any other means Greg can you?


  2. Well, I originally posted this as a discussion on All Things Live, but I wanted it to be included in the Clubhouse as well. At the moment, the only way to achieve that is via a tagged blog post.


  3. On the contrary, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with blogging, as long as it makes sense for the information being shared. Now, if you were to write a blog post just to share a link to another interesting article, then I’d argue there are easier ways to accomplish your goal, including status updates or Twitter.


  4. Oh I agree Greg, and it amazes me how some of those type of posts have crept into the Clubhouse which originally was intended for the more tech savvy amongst us to help other users on Windows Live who hadn’t a clue.


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