Eternal sunshine of the grateful mind

If you follow me on Windows Live, then you may have noticed my personal message today is “have an attitude of gratitude.” As corny as it may be, I think it’s an incredibly simple and powerful sentiment that helps to combat feelings of entitlement and general ennui. Most of us experience those emotions from time to time, but lately they seem to dominate our consumer-driven culture. It amazes me how quickly we seem to think this world owes us something. When we see the world in terms of all the things we think we deserve but don’t have, it can be a pretty dismal place to eek out an existence.

Attitude plays a crucial role in happiness. Hamlet said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Of course, we all know on which side of the fence he sat, but it’s true nonetheless. If you have an optimistic mindset, the world suddenly looks a little rosier and feels a little warmer.

I’m given this daily reminder courtesy of local radio personality and all-around "swell guy" Hallerin Hilton Hill, who leads in each hour of his morning show with this benediction:

Welcome to this brand new day. This day has never been lived before. It’s a blank canvas; if you will it so, it can be your masterpiece. As you wake up this morning think of three things you’re grateful for and then get out there and live. Live this day with all the joy, wonder and enthusiasm you can muster. An attitude of gratitude makes all the difference.

This morning, I’m grateful for my family, my job and the freedom to share my corny ideas with whomever I like.

Step back for a minute and try to realize just how freaking awesome life is each and every day, and be thankful to someone it’s yours to experience. It really does make all the difference.

– Greg

Interested in Hallerin Hilton Hill? Learn more on the web: WNOX NewsTalk 100, Hallerin on Facebook, Hallerin’s Blog

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One Reply to “Eternal sunshine of the grateful mind”

  1. It’s about time we had some of this written here somewhere. Well done, you, for writing it. This is lovely, and very close to what I was listening to on my own radio last night. Thanks for the encouragement, Greg.


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