Pull the plug

The jolly, candylike button...Has your Windows Live Spaces page become unmanageable? Or are you rediscovering your passion for blogging after an extended hiatus? Sometimes, you just have to know when to throw in the towel and get a fresh start. Luckily, Spaces allows you to completely wipe out your space with surprisingly few clicks.

On your space’s main page, click Options > General, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Delete Space. You better be sure.

Deleting a space is permanent, so consider what you’re doing beforehand. After you confirm, your entire space will be deleted, including your main page, modules, blog entries, lists and guestbook. Your other Windows Live resources, such as Photos, SkyDrive, Hotmail, etc., will not be affected. If your former space had a custom address (like mine), then it will be unavailable for anyone to use (including yourself) for 60 days. The Space link will be removed from your Profile page, and if anyone follows a old link to your former space, they’ll get an message indicating the space has been removed.

From there, you can click More > Spaces to get started re-building your space from scratch, just like you did when you originally joined Windows Live. Better luck this time!

– Greg

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4 Replies to “Pull the plug”

  1. Similar to ‘Lost’. When you get a point where you don’t know how you are going to end the story, drop a bomb and destroy the island. Reverse the timeline. Pretend as if it never happened. Full stop.


  2. Or you could just delete every thing on it, keep your name/custom address and start again! I did delete my old space – and regretted it ever since, there were cherished blogs, that I’ll never get back. I wonder, now with Live writer saving blogs, what will happen to the saved blogs if the space is deleted?


  3. There is no guarantee that you get you custom address back Greg, if someone requests that address before you do, you lose it. The only way to guarantee to keep the address, is delete separate modules, which isn’t so hard, if it’s new space. you’d possibly keep some anyway. IF you don’t care about the address, your way is of course quicker!


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