Lay it on me

Outlook Windows Live Mail is a great entry-level desktop mail client, and I’m certainly not knocking it. But many of you have discovered the goodness that is the Outlook Connector, and you use Outlook 2007’s vastly superior tools to manage your Windows Live Hotmail inbox, calendar, contacts, AND tasks (a feature which is sorely lacking in Windows Live Mail…ahem). Even you Outlook super-freaks may not be aware of this little calendar management trick, which I just recently stumbled across myself.

Windows Live Calendar uses the concept of multiple calendars to organize your appointments, which is at odds with Outlook’s classic approach of categories. Outlook 2007 can handle multiple calendars easily enough, but they’re a little awkward to view, since Outlook prefers to display them side-by-side.

Side By Side Calendars in Outlook

As you can see, trying to view more than a couple of calendars at once can prove difficult, especially in a space-hog like the month view. Instead you may prefer to see your multiple calendars in overlay mode, which integrates all events into a single calendar view with color coding to designate the events that belong to each calendar.

To enable overlay mode, open each calendar, and click the image Overlay icon that appears in the calendar’s tab. The overlaid calendar collapses into the leftmost calendar, and its events are stacked neatly so that they are visible from the consolidated view. For readability, each calendar’s events are color-coded, and the active calendar’s events are displayed in black text.

Best of all, Outlook automatically remembers your viewing preferences, so the calendars are displayed in overlay mode the next time you start Outlook.

– Greg


2 Replies to “Lay it on me”

  1. The only reason I preferred using Live Mail over Outlook in my home PC was how displayed my million calendars. Great info.Thanks Gregg.


  2. My company is about to migrate to Outlook/Exchange from a Notes/Domino enviornment. I’ve been limping along with Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook for a while now. It has a lot of shortcomings, but it’s the only way Domino is really tolerable. I’m glad I’ll soon be able to manage my e-mail and calendar in Outlook the way God intended. Anyway, I’m glad this tip helped you, Lebo. Thanks for the feedback!


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