What about Al?

Following the unexpected death of pop idol Michael Jackson, everyone is so concerned about his kids, his estate, and his family. But I’d suggest there’s a forgotten victim of this tragedy: Weird Al Yankovich.

Much of Al’s early career was built on parodies of Jackson’s popular songs. For a time, he was known as a caricature of Jackson – that is, until Jackson became a caricature of himself. From then on, Al had to be content spoofing other artists.

Now that Michael is gone forever, has anyone thought about poor Al? Dear God, what about Al?

Anyway, here’s a couple of Al’s classic Jackson spoofs:


– Greg

4 Replies to “What about Al?”

  1. You’ll have to pick films that allow embedding, or change these for the hyperlinks, Greg. I’ll track ’em down in YouTube;-)


  2. Okay – here’s what I did. I tracked these down (via Bing!) on Daily Motion. They’re all there. UK users cannot view "Eat It" on YouTube, so call up W.A.Y. on Daily Motion. There’s tons of his films, there. Love this, Greg. Just had a good laugh;-)


  3. Whoops! Sorry about that, Jen. I didn’t realize the YouTube videos had disabled embedding. I snagged alternative copies from Daily Motion instead, and they seem to play just fine. Thanks for the heads up!


  4. Don’t apologise, Greg! I thought the info might help others who hadn’t come across Daily Motion yet. I actually found that site two or three weeks ago whilst playing around! No problem, Greg;-)


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