Who are you?

I think the FCC needs to reprimand NBC regarding its use of the term “celebrity” in the title of its summer reality TV series, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

Group Photo

OK, that looks like Sanjaya with a Mohawk and maybe one the lesser Baldwins on the end. Does anyone know who the hell the rest of these people are? Maybe I just don’t watch enough TV, but I thought that being a “celebrity” means that you have fans and are to some extent recognizable to them. A better title might have been I’m Desperate for Money and Attention, Please Let Me Be on Your Show.

– Greg

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6 Replies to “Who are you?”

  1. Looks like I know a few more of them than you. That’s Lou Diamond Phillips from the Young Guns movies wearing the hat and Janice Dickenson from America’s Next Top Model (and a spinoff?) in the front row. Since I started watching the show I’ve learned who the rest are and agree that "celebrity" is stretching even worse than "Dancing with the Stars" has done with the term "star"


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