Who are you?

I think the FCC needs to reprimand NBC regarding its use of the term “celebrity” in the title of its summer reality TV series, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

Group Photo

OK, that looks like Sanjaya with a Mohawk and maybe one the lesser Baldwins on the end. Does anyone know who the hell the rest of these people are? Maybe I just don’t watch enough TV, but I thought that being a “celebrity” means that you have fans and are to some extent recognizable to them. A better title might have been I’m Desperate for Money and Attention, Please Let Me Be on Your Show.

– Greg

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6 Replies to “Who are you?”

  1. Looks like I know a few more of them than you. That’s Lou Diamond Phillips from the Young Guns movies wearing the hat and Janice Dickenson from America’s Next Top Model (and a spinoff?) in the front row. Since I started watching the show I’ve learned who the rest are and agree that "celebrity" is stretching even worse than "Dancing with the Stars" has done with the term "star"


  2. the wife of a soon to be convicted Illinois Governor………some celebrity……..of course she played a role in his scam too.


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