Bizzaro-world Live Search

There are not many things in this world for which I’m truly thankful: my beautiful wife and baby (not one in the same, mind you), my family and friends, my personal freedoms, and of course, SnagIt. When I opened Live Search this morning, I was greeted by a gorgeous vista of America’s own beloved Mount Rushmore, presumably to celebrate the Presidents’ Day holiday.

Now, I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve traveled to South Dakota. In fact, I drove from Sioux Falls across the entire state to Rapid City in one day just to view Mount Rushmore (and to get some killer Buffalo jerky at the world-famous Wall Drug along the way). So suffice it to say I’ve seen the patriotic monument up close, and something about the image on Live Search just didn’t seem right. See if you can spot the oddity below:

Bizzaro-world Rushmore

Sensing the inherent comedic value of the moment, I promptly grabbed a screen capture. Win.

Now, I’m all for taking a little artistic license here and there, but come on Microsoft, you can’t just go flipping our national monuments willy-nilly to create an aesthetically pleasing background for your “little search engine that could.” It’s just not right. You turned George Washington into a cross-dresser, for God’s sake!

No worries, folks. I sent feedback to Microsoft and by mid-afternoon, Live Search had corrected the issue:


Now there’s no risk of offending the 3 people in the US who actually use Live Search. Crisis averted. You’re welcome.

– Greg

5 Replies to “Bizzaro-world Live Search”

  1. That’s so funny! Too bad my home page isn’t Live Search (it is the "Home" page on WL)…I didn’t know I could be seeing stuff like that.


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