Abilify Logo Has anyone seen the ads for this anti-depressant medication called aripiprazole? You probably have, even if you don’t realize it. That’s because in the ad, they refer to its trade name, Abilify. I’m not making light of a serious mental condition (in fact, I probably have a few myself), but that has to be just about the worst name ever conceived for a product, and my list includes these and these (warning: contains risqué innuendo and double entendré).

Abilify? Really? It sounds to me like a word that Bush 43 would’ve concocted when he meant to say “enable.”

Bush on abilifyThe guy was office for eight years, and I had nothing funny to say about it. Now, he’s out of the job for two weeks, and suddenly I’m all chuckles. I know, I know, way to strike while the iron is hot. But it was hard to laugh when I stopped and realized “this guy is actually our president.” Ironically, now that he’s out, I no longer need Abilify.

Oh, and here’s the obligatory link to some great Bushisms.

– Greg

13 Replies to “Wordplay”

  1. I regularly get an email (I think it goes round the world twice and ends up back in my box!) about such products, but at least it gives you a chuckle!


  2. @ Mandy – If you enjoyed that one, check out the trackback link (below comments) to my previous post "One-stop shopping for guys." Yes, I’m going to insist on using trackbacks; I don’t care that the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate their awsomeness.


  3. It reminds me of the times when men (I’m recounting not remembering!) went to the barbers and was asked when they paid the bill "something for the weekend sir?" 😉


  4. Oh l’m Canadian so l’ve always been able to laugh at Bushisms – to the extent that l’ve paid attention. l was at the live blog yesterday and was astounded at the comments – do they have a guestbook – keeping it in context people!!


  5. A coincidence, you tell me…The day that we had the good sense to flush that clog in the toilet of the Oval Office, we suddenly got some of the best snow and skiing conditions at Ober that anyone had seen in almost 10 years (or was it only 8?!?). Of course Gore was behind it all with his global warming world tour…I know Obama is not the Messiah but anyone who can bring snow to the mountains and keep more folks in their jobs has my vote for the next demi-god.Peace-out 😉


  6. @Mandy, it gets to the point on their blogs where I get too cheesed off to read it all. The nastiness, and most of it was nasty began with the Hotmail stuff. Nobody read the flippin’ blog properly, it seemed. Same as is happening now, and people will post their hotmail addresses on an open forum. Stupid. What are they like! Anyway, hope you’re okay. I’m just glad to be back indoors, out of the cold! Bloomin’ freezin’ out there today…


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