Cold snap

I gotta tell ya, it was cold outside last night.

How cold was it?

It was so cold, my wife actually let me sleep in the house.

Rimshot courtesy of Instant Rimshot.

– Greg

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One Reply to “Cold snap”

  1. Know it well, Greg. Oh, we went out in the fog yesterday. I lied, we actually did a 60-mile round trip together (not 30 as I said somewhere else!) Hubby left me at Mum’s while he went to see another friend frm his RAF Service days which added another 80 miles for him. It was so foggy and cold outside that we were glad to get home. Much as we love visiting people (while we still can), it’s always nice to get home and snuggle in. Just hope the gas keeps flowing, Can’t do without the boiler yet, heh, heh!


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