Heed the instructions

I just finished lunch at my desk, which consisted of a Marie Callender’s frozen slow roast beef, with garlic mashed potatoes, with green beans and carrots. The heating instructions clearly stated a cooking time of 4 minutes, but by about 3:15, I grew impatient and decided I knew best. Boy, was I wrong.

Apparently the potatoes really need that last 45 seconds to congeal, because back at my desk, I ended up with what could best be described as a salty, semi-nutritive beef paste with mushy potato flakes, simmered in oily gravy. It was among the top 5 worst things I’ve ever put into my mouth, and I was a bachelor for several years. Oh I ate it, but it was pretty gross.

Assuming I haven’t already ruined my digestive tract, tomorrow I’m bringing a salad.

– Greg

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7 Replies to “Heed the instructions”

  1. I like your Windows Live Tags, especially "Gross".For the record, I don’t read directions. I know my microwave pretty good, and I put it in based upon what I think it will take. I don’t do anything fancy, like stir midway. Once I grab it, I mix the hot parts with the cold parts and start eating. My husband thinks I’m insane.But, I only have one "course". Since I don’t eat meat, all of mine are either veggies, noodles and sauce, or a combination of the two. Stirring them all up together works fine. Mashed green bean potato loaf might not taste as good.X


  2. Ah, impatience…what happens when we think we know best. When freeze dried camping food first came out, we had a dinner so bad we buried it and went to bed after slices of bread. You are stronger!


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