OMG! Twitter gets pwned

Twitter Logo

It seems that nobody is immune to a good hack every now and then. The Huffington Post, Alley Insider, and ReadWriteWeb (among others) are reporting that social networking’s golden child, Twitter, has succumbed to an recent attack of unknown origin.

According to Twitter, as of this morning:

  • Conservative talking head Bill O’Reilly is gay

  • CNN anchor Rick Sanchez is high on crack and may not be into work today

  • Entertainer Britney Spears has enormous “lady-parts” filled with razor sharp teeth

  • President-elect Barack Obama is sponsoring some kind of free gas survey

Obviously, most of these are false. smile_regular

Considering the phishing scam that proliferated around the service over the weekend, this service doesn’t seem any more secure than countless others – including Windows Live – which have, and will undoubtedly continue to be, targets of stupid and dangerous pranks.

– Greg

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