Time travel

As I was parking at work this morning, I passed my colleague, Teri. She was walking into the building, and we briefly exchanged a "howdy" wave. I parked my car, casually strolled into the building, removed my coat, docked and booted my laptop, and grabbed my mug to get some coffee. As I turned the corner, I saw Teri coming in the door with her coat and bag. She returned my puzzled look.
I think I’ve discovered a wormhole in the fabric of space-time.
Just my luck, it’s a wormhole that only takes me six minutes into the future…and I’m still at work.
– Greg

2 Replies to “Time travel”

  1. How did your hair look? I’ve always contended that falling through the fabric of space and time would mess-up your hair; it’s something I’ve been adamant about.


  2. You know, come to think of it, my hair was a little frizzy the rest of the day. Perhaps a light leave-in conditioner would help next time. Nice to see you, pal! :)


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