I’m not dead yet!

Greg 2008 Box
Redmond, Wa. – In a statement released today by Microsoft, the software giant announced that it will begin the planned phase-out of Greg by the end of 2008. Ironcially, the statement comes on the 34th anniversary of the product’s initial launch.
Greg has been a stalwart Microsoft program since the early days of Windows 3.0 and had steadily evolved into a fun, if sometimes unreliable, office workhorse. It is an effective multitasking application that can compose documents, exchange email, post blog entries, share torrents, find hilarious YouTube videos, and organize a music library at once. Although Greg has never been successfully integrated with Lotus Notes, the program is known for creating workarounds to increase office productivity.
This marks the end of an era for Greg, a product that has recently garnered renewed interest from a dedicated community of enthusiasts. Within the past couple of years, an arrary of mobile and social networking features had been developed, compatibility with the popular Ginny platform was expected to be right around the corner, and an SDK was in the works.
"Greg has had a great run, but the product just has become too bloated with unnecessary features," said Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. "The loss of instant messaging capability really hurt us. Besides, most users have already migrated to the newer version" (referring to Greg 2.0, codename Logan).
No word yet on plans for Milo Plus!, the annoying add-on for Greg that was added a few versions back.
Microsoft promises to redirect its development resources to Logan, and Ballmer hinted at the development of another spin-off product in coming months.
– Greg Birthday cake

6 Replies to “I’m not dead yet!”

  1. Greg 2009 must be a success. Greg been in existence for yet another year, and still not phased out. Happy Birthday, Greg!


  2. Too funny Greg! As I already wished you happy birthday on FB, it would just be redundant to do it again ………. oh what the heck …..Happy Birhtday!!


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