Can you hear me now?

Wow, nothing for 2 months, and then 2 posts in the same day. It’s practically a record.
I’m going to try something different on Greg’s Space: we’re going interactive. See, my mobile phone is almost 3 years old (in mobile phone years, that’s like 21 years). It’s a crude device that operates primarily via a series of wooden pulleys and levers, but I’ve managed to get along with it…somehow.
Anyway, I’m thinking about upgrading to a shiny new phone. I’m an all-in-one kind of guy, so I’d like a phone that can serve as a beefy media player, mobile browser, document viewer, contact manager, and…oh yeah…a phone. While everyone else is lusting after those BlackBerry devices or the iPhone 3G, I’m a total Microsoft junkie and a Verizon customer. So I’m looking at Verizon’s current selection of SmartPhones that run Windows Mobile 6. I really like the SMT5800 and the Moto Q 9c.
SMT5800The SMT5800 (pictured to the left) has a lot of advantages, including a smaller form factor, a faster 400MHz processor, a slide out QWERTY keypad, a large portrait-oriented display, and a better camera. While lots of folks who have reviewed this phone cited it’s awkward placement of the D-pad in landscape mode (it’s on the left side), it seems perfectly placed for lefties like yours truly. On the other hand (no pun intended), critics indicate that the small number keypad is difficult to use, and the $199 price tag, while not excessive for a decent SmartPhone, could be a little more competitive.
q9MThe other phone that intrigues me is the new Moto Q 9c (pictured to the right). Although the Q series is pushing 2 years old, the latest model has been upgraded to Windows Mobile 6. The processor is not as fast, it has a lower-resolution camera, and it has that "PDA" feel to it, so the main advantage for me is the $99 price. I like the fact that the series has been well-reviewed, and if Verizon is still carrying the series after 2 years, it must be pretty reliable. Plus, I could use my existing 1GB MiniSD card for a while, which would further reduce the cost of upgrading.
So there’s my conundrum. I’d like to open it up to my loyal, good-looking well-educated readers (all 3 of you). Please post your comments to weigh in on the debate. I’ll look forward to reading your opinions, and I’ll keep you updated on my choice.
– Greg

One Reply to “Can you hear me now?”

  1. Just in case you’re curious, I went with the SMT5800. Verizon dropped their price to $149, and I was able to use Ginny’s "new every two" discount to knock an additional $50 off of the price. Overall, I’ve been quite happy with the phone, especially since Verizon finally got around to offering a free upgrade to WinMo 6.1 last month. I also paired it with a Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth stereo headset.


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