A million monkeys

Someone once mused that if you gave a million monkeys a million typewriters, etc., that one of them would eventually bang out the complete works of Shakespeare. Who knew we’d be the monkeys, and the typewriters would be keyboards connected to the Internet?
You know, in the span of a few short millennia, we’ve advanced from a world where the most learned thinkers had no way to disseminate their ideas, to a world where any idiot (yours truly included) can post to a blog. And what do most of us do with that awesome power? A million lists entitled "My Favorite Music", random thoughts mixed with crass advertisements, and endless videos of our cats on YouTube.
Don’t get me wrong, I love grainy, 30-second amateur videos as much as the next guy, and there are some really gifted bloggers out there, but in a world of information, it seems that quantity and quality of content are vastly disproportionate.
It makes me wonder if past generations would judge us for squandering such amazing technology, or if future generations will just chuckle at our clumsy application of it.
– Greg

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