Blame it on the rain

Good morning, blogosphere.
Last night, we had a what we in East Tennessee call a "gully-washer." Some extremely strong storms blew through the area, lighting up the night sky and dumping torrential rainfall on Knoxville.
At one point, I think I saw an ark floating past my apartment. I’m no expert, but I don’t think that bodes well.
During my trek to work this morning, I discovered that even the latest I-40 backup had been attributed to last night’s bad weather. Of course, I got the newsflash while sandwiched between two semis on the West Hills overpass.
Anyway, I got a prime opportunity to view the work of some of our town’s most celebrated graffiti artists (we have 3 now, you know). I’m sort of partial to the lush, overindulgent colors of the "Lime Grifter." I’ll try to snap some examples on the way home today. Given the snail’s pace of I-40 afternoon traffic, I may even have time to spell check some of it.
Stay dry, folks!
– Greg

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