It’s an honor just to be nominated

Clubhouse Choice Awards Yours truly has been nominated for a Windows Live Clubhouse Award! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Windows Live Clubhouse, it’s a user community of Windows Live enthusiasts who support each other and share interesting tips and stories regarding our favorite technologies. While the Clubhouse itself is a semi-private community, anyone can request to join, and the best content is selected to be showcased on various Microsoft sites.

I joined the Clubhouse in back January, and it has really helped me get the most out of Windows Live services. Through the site, I’ve networked with many knowledgeable people, including several Microsoft team members. I’ve learned a lot about how other people use Windows Live, and you know what? There are some darn creative folks out there. I’ve also had the opportunity to share relevant posts from this blog to answer questions and help others get more out of the platform, too.

So that leads us to today. I received a notification from the Windows Live team that I’d been nominated in the “Best Story” category for my post Wheels in the Sky Keep on Turning, which discussed the uses and future of SkyDrive.

The notice was followed a short while later with a link to go vote. I was delighted to see some of my Windows Live pals – including Jamie, Jeffrey, X-Evolutionist, and Technogran – had been nominated in other categories as well. The nominees are all Clubhouse members, but my understanding is that anyone can vote. I hope you’ll take a second to follow the link on Marcus’ announcement post and vote for your favorites before July 31.

Thanks to everyone who has made Windows Live such a fun, engaging, and thriving community.

– Greg

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15 Replies to “It’s an honor just to be nominated”

  1. lt says it’s open to members who have been invited to participate. lt let me vote so l don’t know if my votes were valid or not. (?)


  2. I find it amazing that us lot "over ‘ere" can ‘call in’ to vote for our favourites. I did the same as you, Tracey, and there are some stunning blogs on Clubhouse. Well done, everyone. This is an important part of what makes Live Spaces so special.


  3. @ Dave – Thanks! You be sure to keep posting, too. You’re knowledgeable and always entertaining.@ Jen – You can expect my report as soon as I know more!


  4. I know two of the winners and am extremely proud of them. Commiserations, Greg. You should have got in the line-up, Mate. You really should.


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