Irony FTW

Boy, those Redbox kiosks are everywhere these days. If you’ve never seen one, it’s essentially an automated vending machine that rents new-release DVDs for $1 per night. You commonly find them in front of Wal-mart stores, pharmacies, and fast food joints.

I saw this on the way to work this morning:

Redbox at Blockbuster

Things aren’t looking so good for ol’ Blockbuster Video.

– Greg

PS: Here’s my runner up for the above photo.

11 Replies to “Irony FTW”

  1. You didn’t. You mean, this is a WIND-UP? You bad lad! I hardly ever say LOL. It just so happened I was speechless when I wrote that.


  2. @ Jen – Oh, it’s a complete fake. Now that I look at it, I didn’t even get the perspectives to line up correctly. I cropped the base so you couldn’t see it floating above the sidewalk. I did the photoshopping in about 10 minutes, so take it for what it’s worth. I can throw something together in a pinch, but I’m not going to be touching-up cover models anytime soon.


  3. I just got back from returning Benjamin Button and Taken. I love the Redbox! It reminds me of Doctor Who… OK -not. Anyway, did you know that Blockbuster has an order for 10,000 vending machines? It appears they think they need to stay in business. They were supposed to go live at the end of this year, but it has been postponed to the end of next year.


  4. Sniped this comment from Gizmodo this morning: "blockbusta? I remember my grandpappy mentioning them & how they used to watch movies in them good old days and how it cost a whole days wages ifin you didn’t return it time."


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