Cupid, draw back your bow…

Dead Cupid Here’s my quick list of 5 signs that your upcoming Valentine’s Day may fall short of spectacular, lover boy:

  1. You’ve watched more than 3 episodes of Battlestar Galactica in the past year.

  2. You put “in a relationship” on your Facebook profile, even though you’re single.

  3. Your girlfriend can be repaired with a little duct tape and a bicycle pump.

  4. You’ve got a hanky, but no panky.

  5. You make your date pay for dinner, even though she’s your mom.

– Greg heart

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16 Replies to “Cupid, draw back your bow…”

  1. Our newest Netflix DVD came Friday night. Yep, four episodes of Battlestar. Frack.Just kidding. I’m getting into it. But, soon, I’m going to make my hubby watch The Prisoner with Patrick Magooin (sp)X


  2. Here’s the show I"m going to make my hubby watch with me. He will owe me after five seasons of Battlestar: The Prisoner, British show from the sixties. Sort of a sequal to Secret Agen Man, but not really.


  3. Hey, Greg, I’ve never seen the whole show, just some of them. They showed on PBS eons ago, but I only caught a few. Netflix has the whole series.


  4. I am not a number……!!" Cult viewing over here (Patrick McGoohan, The Prisoner, X) and incidentally the Village actually exists, in Whales!;lID=1


  5. I am a free man! – Yep, The Prisoner is cult viewing over here, too. I never was able to see the whole thing though. My local video store did not have the last episode, so I never wanted to start watching it. But, Netflix has the whole series. Once my hubby get’s his fracking Battlestar fix, I’m making him watch The Prisoner. It’s going to take a lot of duct tape, but he WILL be watching it. He owes me.X


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