C’est lamour…

Ginny, Logan, and I were Wal-Marting (it’s a verb, look it up) yesterday, and I decided to pop over to the greeting card aisle to grab a card for my dad, whose birthday is this week. As I was surveying the available selections, I noticed several other patrons (mostly women) who were browsing nearby for Valentine’s Day cards. That’s right, folks, Valentine’s Day. That’s almost a month away.

In a rather frustrated tone, I exclaimed to the group, “You know, people like you are the reason there are no good cards left for me to buy on February 13th!”

I promptly collected my dad’s card and slowly backed away from the aisle amid the silence and the scowling faces.

– Greg

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3 Replies to “C’est lamour…”

  1. Oh-oh, so you had one of those Victor Meldrew (or somebody similar) "moments" did you? Nah, come on. You didn’t really say that. The backing away bit is what did it for me. Couldn’t stop laughing!


  2. You know Greg, it is said a town can not be a town with out a Wal-Mart……………….I live in Fountain Hills, AZ……not a town, in fact when Wal-Mart asked to come here, they were voted down. Target just eeked in? My loss, now I have to drive 12 miles to get there.


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