The most chilling PSA I’ve ever seen

I happened upon a YouTube video this morning of a drunk driving “ad” (we’d call it a public service announcement, or PSA) that apparently aired by the Department of Environment (DOE) in Northern Ireland. It’s shocking, revolting…and unbelievably effective.

Warning: contains disturbing images (link)

As the father of a toddler, I can’t imagine anything more terrifying or heartbreaking.

I found several similarly-themed ads from the Irish government agency, and I’d wager that each was far too shocking for audiences in the US to handle. Granted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) probably would never allow something this graphic to be shown on American broadcast television, but I have to wonder what impact they might have on “casual” drunk drivers, who don’t think anything could possibly go (horribly) wrong. A little “shock value” goes a long way.

– Greg

2 Replies to “The most chilling PSA I’ve ever seen”

  1. Hi Greg, The video is very graphic but I have found that many people look on these adds as great pieces of computer trickery and manipulation not seeing the real reason for not drinking and driving. We live in hope that some may be deterred. I just hope that no more innocent get killed by these selfish people as is often the case. Thanks for spreading the word, have a great holiday with your family. Brian


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